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What is EuroLens?

For effective European economic governance you need the facts. Insight into what is happening all round you. But where do you get the facts? Search through EuroStats for hours on end? Wait weeks on a new report? Or just plod on and hope your figures are not too outdated? Better opt for EuroLens. EuroLens is a new on-line information system that brings into focus the economic situation in each Member State. Covering a multitude of facets, EuroLens ensures you are informed at all times, have the latest data at your fingertips.

EuroLens takes European Commission and Eurostat data and information, classifies and restructures it into easily accessible and meaningful information on the Member States of the EU. Daily updated that means powerful insight into the here and now of the EU.

A powerful tool for European economic governance, EuroLens is designed to reveal all you need to know about the EU. An indispensible tool for every manager, policy maker, member of parliament, analyst or journalist it keeps your eyes focussed on the European project.